who are ya who are ya who are ya?!??!

Alright, alright! Calm down!

I’ll give you a bit of background. My name is Pete and I’m originally from a tiny village just outside Oxford in the UK. I’ve been around a bit, studied in Cardiff, Wales, before moving to Canada and living amongst the chilly stuff in the mountains of Whistler. Then I moved over to the warmer climes of Sydney for a year before heading back to Oxford to live in that delightful University town for 3 years. The lure of Australia pulled me back to Sydney about 4 years ago and I now call this place home.

I love to travel and really enjoy what I like to think of as ‘the other’ – different cultures, opening up to differences and exploring new and interesting people, places and things. I like to think. Often I find myself starting a simple task, for example making a cup of tea, and then 15 minutes go by as I mull over the incredible complexity of the creation of a tea bag and the delivery of said tea bag to my cup. So I have a cold cup of tea, so what! I’ve had a beautiful thought journey into the incredible world we live in and feel the richer for it! Ha ha!

Most of all in life I love my fiance, Amelia, who I am sure will feature in a number of posts on this here site. She floats my boat. She is the lemon in my ice tea. She is the icing on the cake. She’s pictured with me below on a cold winters day in Paris.

on the seine

I’m keen to explore many things through adveis. I’m afraid I’m not someone that can give you a one-track blog, focused on one key area. What I can give you though is a window into my enthusiasm for a whole bunch of things that have caught my minds eye over the last 10 years + of my working life.

You’ll find a whole bunch of stuff coming the way of this blog over the next weeks months and, hopefully, years, spanning subjects like:

  • creativity
  • ingenuity
  • innovation
  • change management
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • education
  • gamification
  • employee engagement
  • publishing
  • training and development
  • things that make me happy
  • things that fire me up
  • things that inspire me

I’l try and keep things as organised as possible and most of all I want to get engaged with you, the reader, whoever you may be and whatever you may think.

The world is a better place when people share knowledge openly and freely.

Thanks and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “who are ya who are ya who are ya?!??!

  1. It’s been a while Pete! Long time since those days of staring into tea cups in amazement … of course I can’t really remember whether I did that with you, but I’ll assume something equally wondrous occurred. I hope you are doing well? I suggest you ditch the pink polo, unbutton the top one, and dig deep. You will need it to fight off the fasion sense of Gok Wan and his crazy army of freaks. Thank god for Levi Strauss … that’s all I’m gonna say.

    Take care buddy. Let me know when you are intending on heading back to old Blighty. I would relish the opportunity to have an adult conversation with you for a change. Your tag cloud suggest you and I have developed a very similar set of interests since our Uni days. I notice that there is no “champ-mano” tag (it would feed into a productivity post quite easily!)


    1. Fantastic Mr Chicken! Amazing to hear from you. I’ve destroyed Champ Mano and been off it for many months now. I’m all about productivity now my friend :-)

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